AB stereo pedals

AB stereo pedals
Code: ST1-S
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Built by a Musician for Musicians


Toggle between magnetic and piezo pickups. (On guitars equipped with piezo system and standard pickups.)
ST1-S is Stereo TRS input/two mono outputs A and B. Pedal.
Run (TIP) the magnetic A to your rig and the (RING) piezo B to an acoustic or the mains. And toggle back and forth.
Will NOT work with standard mono out guitars.
Can also be used with a guitar that has a TRS Stereo jack out, both pickups magnetic. Then just switch back and forth (neck/bridge) P/U's

The ST1-S Also incorporates an Isolated grounds system. The channel not engaged goes to ground. This is essential for Stereo, switching..

Warranty. 2 year's parts and labor.
SOLD OUT Powdered Black
White with Black Graphics
Cardinal Red
  9 volt DCIN jack option (add) $30.00
LED Color Options(Comes Standard Red A / Yellow B):