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ABY stereo pedals

ABY stereo pedals
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Built by a Musician for Musicians

Click on the red box for "Basic signal diagram app"

Toggle between magnetic and piezo pickups or select both
(On guitars equipped with piezo systems and standard pickups).

Using the ST2-S in basic mode, from guitar's TRS stereo out plug, to center TRS stereo input jack of the ST2-S .
"A" out mono, tip/mags. "B" out mono ring/piezo.

Can also be used with a guitar that has a TRS Stereo jack out, both pickups magnetic.

ISO function for stereo. Isolated grounds system.
When you are in the A/B mode, (only one LED on, A, or B) the unit is wired as an isolated grounds system. This means the channel not selected A or B, goes to ground.
Like it's not even plugged in. This ISO prevents pop's, bleed, and idling. Which can be a real issue when you are switching between two separate signals, stereo, sharing the same ground.
LED's designed to be seen from up to 20 feet.

Standard simple application.
Stereo TRS (tip/ring/sleeve) input/two mono outputs. (Tip/Ring).
Run your magnetic "A" to your amp, and run the piezo "B" to your acoustic, or the PA mains. Using standard mono cables. Toggle back and forth. This is A/B mode. (only one LED lights)
Engage "All On" mode,(both LED's light) for an astounding "wall of sound". Add in effects, and your tonal creations are limitless.

Great for Fishman power bridge, LR Baggs X/O/T systems.
Music man, Ovation VXT, Les Paul smart chip, as examples. This pedal eliminates having to use the guitars on board toggle switch. You control the functions with the ease of the pedal.

Please NOTE: This pedal will NOT work using a standard guitar. 1/4inch plugs, out mono.

Use in reverse
Example, Godin stereo guitars have two mono jacks out. One magnetic, and one piezo.
Plug magnetic into "A" and piezo into "B" with a single TRS stereo out jack.
Some Y cords may be involved, really seen some creative stuff.
Same function Toggle A or B. Or All On. ISO function is now the inputs.
Warranty. 2 year's parts and labor.
Powdered Black fine textured, satin finish, bright white graphics
Gloss White with Black Graphics
Gloss Red with White Graphics
  9 volt DCIN jack option (add) $30.00
LED Color Options(Comes Standard Red A / Yellow B):