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AB Pedals

AB Pedals
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Built by a Musician for Musicians

Click on one of the 3 blue box's for "Basic signal diagram,
BI-channeling, and , Use in reverse. Applications"

Isolated grounds
When you are in the A/B mode, (only one LED on) the unit is wired as an isolated grounds system. This means the channel not selected A or B, goes to ground.
Like it's not even plugged in. This eliminates, idling when bi channeling, pop's and bleed. NO Tone loss.
Especially HI-Gainers. Taming the beast. Bullet proof. You could spend $229.00 but you would end up with a blanket over your cabinet, tone wise.
Same effect on two amps. This is an utterly quiet switching system.

Use: Plug into the input and run "A" and "B" out to two amps and toggle back and forth, in real time.
Example: clean A/dirty B/,. Or use to bi channel a single amp.
Add in effects and your tonal possibilities are endless.

Use in Reverse
Isolated grounds are now the inputs. Perfect for two guitars, or any other combination of signals. Guitar/Keys, etc.
Plug two guitar signals in. One "A" one "B”. With a single output.
And switch guitars A or B. This way you don't have to unplug cords.
Another use, as an audio mute, tuner on pedal. Plug in to the “in” jack, run A out to your amp, and run B out to your tuner.
Engage A to play. Switch to B to audio mute, tuner on. Tune in silence.
NOTE. WE have a couple of CANDY REDS and CANDY BLUES in stock.
Call for details. These will go fast! 503-588-7728.
Warranty. 2 year's parts and labor.
Powdered Black fine textured, satin finish.
White. Gloss finish.
Cardinal Red. Gloss finish.
  9 volt DCIN jack option (add)$25.00
LED Color Options(Comes Standard Red A / Yellow B):