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Startouch was started in June of 1999.

Our pedals will not cause phase issues.
We have thousands of customers all over the world.
With every conceivable amp combination, imaginal.
Designed for, hi-performance, superior signal transfer, and built to last, under the harshest conditions.
Using the best materials, and the highest standards of workmanship. Hand made in the USA.

Our graphics are professionally silk screened, and professionally powder coated.

PICTURED- Model ST-2. ABY Cardinal Red.

NOTE: ALL pedals come with point-to-point wiring. Attention to detail is of the utmost importance to us at Startouch. Wired using, oxygen free pure copper, hi-performance 18ga. primary wire. Prepped to the perfect fit at every connection, to ensure the purest possible signal transfer. And eliminates signal loss. Wire ends have heat shrink tubing applied. Some wiring not shown.

Five technical issue's, for making the best switching systems.

There are 5 issues, concerns, that can make or break, a great ABY pedal.

#1 No noise(RF, EMI), #2 No hum. #3 No signal loss. #4 No bleed. #5 No pop's.

How? Pure determination, testing, research, dedication, and the passion to get it right.

No circuit boards, capacitors, or resisters, to ruin your tone.
No Signal/Tone Loss

Units are double grounded, with 100% shielding to, eliminate, RF noise, and ground hum.
No RF, EMI interference. No Hum

About Our Switch's. Popping issues, technical causes, solutions.

Our switches are precision made for audio applications to transfer the signal flawlessly.

Our switches are super fast.
Some switch's that are not "fast" when making contact, can cause the dreaded pop.

When switching any device in a chain, especially one that changes the signal path, like an A/B+Y pedal can cause a small transient that is picked up by the grid of the pre amp tube (12AX7 as an example.) and is amplified. Pop's.

Switch specs.

Pure coin silver contacts.
Complete with nickel plated lugs, precision engineered switching mechanism.
High tension spring for smooth actuation, based on custom specification drawing's.
Low-noise, no ‘pop’, solid latching switch for true bypass applications.
And these combinations, with the point to point wiring, eliminates these problems.
No Pops, No Signal/Tone Loss, No Bleed

Our pedals will not cause phase issues.


All units come with 9-volt battery hook up. 9-volt power for LED’s only. True bypass.
Units will work regardless of power. Battery life, approximately 35 hours. Chassis material, 16ga. steel.

If you get a unit with the 9v DC-IN jack (center pin positive), and you have a 9v battery installed,
When you plug into the DC-IN jack, it auto disconnects the battery, great feature.
Machine threaded screws for super durability.

LED's are super-bright, Red "A", and Yellow "B" standard on all units. Custom LED color options available at check out.
We designed our LED's to be visible up to 20 feet away.

Female jacks have exceptional insertion, extraction force.

Special center in/out jack. True bypass. Wired mono or stereo, depending on model.
Connections soldered using hi-tech solder.
Dimensions 4 1/2 in X 3 1/2 in. X 1 in.

This section helps explain what's happening in the Video

Fender Super Sonic 22 vs Fender Blues Deluxe (Drive Channel)

A simple production application technique.


How the Startouch can help you duplicate, studio produced guitar tones, in a LIVE setting. One little thing, when I refer to the "pan" knob, it's the same as your "balance" knob on your home stereo that you can try this Simple Production Technique on.

As an example, The Rolling Stones “Symphony for the Devil”. During the solo, if you pan left (hot), the mic is shoved so far up the speaker, with the distortion/fuzz effects you can hear the pick attacking the strings, crunch time, and if you pan right (cold), the guitar sounds like it’s way up on a mountain with just a little reverb,

But when you adjust the pan/balance control to “dead center” it sounds totally kick butt awesome!

STEREO, effect with a mono signal.

To hear the Stereo in the video, when the ST-2 has "All On" selected, the time stamp is 2:05.

Duplicating studio produced guitar sounds in a live setting.

So when using two amps on a live gig, you can do the same thing, as the above example. One amp will be hot, and the other amp will be cold.
Then, when you engage the “All On” function , "both amps on".
It's like adjusting the pan/balance to "dead center" on your stereo but it's live! Big fat "wall of sound".
So depending on how far apart you have your two amp’s and cab’s, will also enhance the stereo effect.
Add in effects and you have unlimited tonal variations.

You can also use the A or B amps, Hot/Cold, for other parts of your song's as well. Intro, or bridge. Push "ALL ON" for the solo. No more depending on the house sound guy to turn you up for your solo. You now have complete control when you hit the "All On" switch.
The cool thing is you now control two separate chains.

Take your show to the next level.

Startouch "One Step Closer"

FAQs, Specs, Video App.